What to Expect During Your First Driving Lesson

driving notes

Learning to drive and having your first driving lessons can be challenging and nervousness is normal. Worrying about your first driving lesson is very common whether you have some experience or are a complete beginner.

During your first ever driving lesson you might not get to sit in the driver’s sit, but this depends on the driving school, your instructor and, of course, how you feel about it. People who have already driven before will probably sit in the driver’s seat while beginners might not. Either way, you will meet your instructor on the first day who will show you some basic things.

It is important to book your first lesson at a time that is convenient for you. If you feel that you are more concentrated in the morning, you might need to book a morning spot. Additionally, you will have to think of whether you prefer a time when the roads are busy or not. Some people might be afraid to start at rush hour while others might find it exciting. You should make sure you pick a practical outfit in which you can move around. Comfortable shoes are very important for your first driving lesson and shoes with a thin sole are preferable so that you can feel the petal more. High heels and flip-flops are not ideal for driving lessons and driving in general.

During your first driving lesson:

  • You will meet your driving instructor.

The first lesson is important to both you and your instructor as it is your first meeting. Your instructor will make some questions to understand your level, if you have any experience and how you feel about driving. On your end, you will be able to ask anything you want so that you feel more comfortable and confident.

  • You will learn the cockpit drill

During the first lesson, you will probably stay in the passenger’s seat but depending on your experience and willingness you might get behind the wheel. In the beginning, your instructor will take you to a quiet area to show you how to set your car for driving, also known as the cockpit drill. You might be disappointed or feel like it is something very simple and useless, but it is extremely important. A cockpit drill includes checking your doors, seat, steering wheel, seatbelt, and mirrors before you start and setting everything necessary to drive safely and comfortably. You must carry out the cockpit drill at the beginning of every lesson and of course at the beginning of your driving test.  

  • The instructor will show you the vehicle’s controls and features

Once the cockpit drill is completed, your driving instructor will show you the car’s controls and how they work. These controls include windscreen wipers, lights, turn indicators, parking brakes, ignition switches, and break petals.

  • You may get to drive

After the cockpit drill and control presentation is complete, you might get to drive. In this case, your instructor will find a quiet area and will let you have a go. Even if it is for just a few meters, this mini-driving experience is very important so that you get familiar with the car and its controls. Driving for a bit at the end of your first driving lesson can give you a glimpse of your next lesson.

Being prepared and knowing what to expect during your first driving lesson is very important for a pleasant first experience. Once you have your first lesson, you will feel more confident, and any nervousness will start fading away with every lesson.