Motorcycle Driving License Larnaca

Experienced and qualified motorcycle riding instructors in Cyprus will teach you how to ride a bike and give you life lessons of the real riding experience. Our motorcycle training program in Larnaca aims at creating responsible riders with amazing skills and road safety knowledge.

Motorcycle riding lessons in Cyprus are not just for obtaining a motorcycle license, but also to make you feel confident and safe on the road. Some motorcycle categories do not require any training hours, so if you feel that you need some training before hitting the road, Larnaca driving school has you covered.

Safety first

Safety at Larnaca driving school is our priority. Especially when it comes to our motorcycle training we always use special safety equipment and motorcycles that are legal, safe to ride and suitable for you.

You can use your own equipment during motorcycle training but if it is not appropriate, we will provide you with protective clothing, suitable footwear and gloves.

motorcycle safety

Motorcycle License Categories

Motorcycle driving licenses vary according to the type and power of a motorcycle. Larnaca driving school provides training and guidance for all motorcycle driving license categories.

  • A1 category for light motorcycles with a cylinder capacity of 125 cc and maximum power 11 KW.

Age: 17,5 years old

  • A2 category for motorcycles with a cylinder capacity of 400 cc and maximum power 35 KW.

Age: 20 years old with an A1 license for 2 years

  • A category for heavy motorcycles with no KW limit.

Age: 24 years old with a full A1 license and 7 hours of training

Our experienced staff and motorcycle instructors are more than happy to help you with anything you need, answer to your questions and assist you with the motorcycle driving license application process.

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