Driving Tips from Experienced Instructors in Cyprus

driving tips from experienced instructors in cyprus

Driving can be a very dangerous activity that needs and requires a lot of focus and skill in order to stay safe on the roads. Although people learn how to drive from family and friends, it is extremely important at some point to have a few lessons and be advised by a professional driving instructor before getting your driving license.  So here you can learn a few driving tips from experienced instructors in Cyprus.

Defensive Driving:

There is a technique called defence driving which is a way to always be aware of the road and be able to avoid all hazards, like aggressive drivers, unexpected obstacles, and even difficult weather conditions. Experts advise young drivers to always be alert and focused on the road while at the same time being aware of the vehicle around them. They also recommend doing avoid distractions such as loud music and mobile phones.

Parallel Parking:

Parking the car and parallel parking can be extremely difficult things to do especially if you are a new driver on the road. Instructors in Cyprus recommend using reference points to guide the vehicle into the parking spot. Also, if you practice you will be able to become better at parking so, make sure to start with a safe and quiet area before continuing into a more busy street.

Highway Merging:

Merging onto a highway can also be an extremely scary experience for someone new to driving. It requires a lot of good judgment and coordination to drive safely on a highway. You will need to be quick, and alert and be able to find the gaps between the traffic so you can merge in safely and smoothly without any complications. You can try merging into a highway the first few times with someone experienced in the passenger seat to encourage you and help you. After that, you should be able to try it yourself.


Since speeding is the major cause of accidents, it is extremely important to drive under the required speed limits and follow all traffic laws with no exceptions.

Safe Following Distance:

Experienced instructors in Cyprus also recommend the two-second rule which suggests keeping your distance for at least two seconds from the car in front of you. This way you can always react to anything that is happening on the road while also always maintaining a safe speed.

Driving can be challenging if you are new to the road, so make sure to follow the above tips and start building your confidence. If you don’t have a license yet then make sure to get in contact with Larnaca Driving School and book your own lesson with our experienced instructors.