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Professional Driving License in Cyprus

According to the new convention of the European Union, to be able to practice their profession all holders of driving license of categories C-Truck and D-Bus. In order to obtain a professional license, a written examination and a practical test must be taken. Our qualified instructors prepare you with the appropriate seminars and lectures.

People who are 21+ years old are eligible to obtain a truck driving license while those who are 24+ years old are eligible to obtain a bus driving license.


Bus Driving License Categories

Category D1: Vehicles that have 8-16 seats, other than the driver’s seat

Age: 21+ years old

Category D: Vehicles that have more than 8 seats, other than the driver’s seat

Age: 24+ years old

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Bus Driving License in Cyprus


Applicants must be presented in person or through a representative along with all the required documents at the Road Transport Department Office or at the Citizen Service Center.



Age: 21-69 years old

The professional bus driver’s license is granted if the interested party:

  • holds a valid driver’s license for a motor vehicle in the bus category
  • has not been deprived by a Court of the right to obtain a professional license as evidenced by a relevant certificate issued by the Chief of Police
  • has the physical ability to drive, as shown by a relevant medical certificate issued by a registered medical practitioner or a medical certificate issued by a government medical board in case the individual has reached the age of 60 years
  • holds a Certificate of Professional Competence, which is obtained after a written examination

Note: Age limitations may vary according to the bus types.


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Driving Tips from Experienced Instructors in Cyprus

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