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essential motorcycle safety tips for every rider
Essential Motorcycle Safety Tips for Every Rider

As exciting as riding a motorcycle is, if not done correctly and with caution it can be very dangerous. In this blog post, we will analyze the crucial motorcycle safety tips that every rider should follow.

driving tips from experienced instructors in cyprus
Driving Tips from Experienced Instructors in Cyprus

Driving can be a very dangerous activity that needs and requires a lot of focus and skill in order to stay safe on the roads. Although people learn how to drive from family and friends, it is extremely important at some point to have a few lessons and be advised by a professional driving instructor before getting your driving license.  So here you can learn a few driving tips from experienced instructors in Cyprus.

how weather conditions can impact driving in cyprus
How Weather Conditions Can Impact Driving in Cyprus

Driving in Cyprus is part of our everyday life, but weather conditions can impact the safety and ease of driving. It is essential to understand how weather conditions affect driving and learn how to adjust to each condition. Here is how different weather conditions can impact driving in Cyprus.

the basics of car maintenance in cyprus
The Basics of Car Maintenance in Cyprus

Once you get your driving licence and start having the confidence for driving around on your own, you will come to the exciting decision to get your own car to drive around for your everyday responsibilities. But owning a car is also a big responsibility. Not only do you have to worry about the initial cost of buying or leasing a car, but you also must budget for things like gas, insurance, and repairs. Of course, you can’t forget about regular maintenance! Here are some of the basics of car maintenance in Cyprus and some of the most important things you need to do to keep your car in good shape. By following these simple tips, you can keep your car running smoothly for years to come!

driving in snowy conditions in cyprus
Driving in Snowy Conditions in Cyprus

While Cyprus is known for its sandy beaches and sunny weather, it actually snows on its mountains during winter. So it is always best to be prepared for driving in snowy conditions in Cyprus. If you are looking to get started on driving lessons, make sure to check out Larnaca Driving School and get in contact for more.

driving notes
What to Expect During Your First Driving Lesson

During your first ever driving lesson you might not get to sit in the driver’s sit, but this depends on the driving school, your instructor and, of course, how you feel about it. People who have already driven before will probably sit in the driver’s seat while beginners might not. Either way, you will meet your instructor on the first day who will show you some basic things.

leaning how to drive in cyprus
Learning How to Drive in Cyprus

Driving in Cyprus requires you to pass a Provisional Learner Licence Test based on the Cyprus Road Code. This test is an important step in learning how to drive, as it requires the practical application of theory and information. You must be at least 17 years of age to take the test, and you must take it at the Office of Road Transport. The test is given in Greek and English.

driving rules & regulations cyprus
What to know about Driving Rules and Regulations in Cyprus

Driving a car does not differ from county to country, but the rules of each country differ and that could be confusing. Even if you are Cypriot learning to drive for the first time this article can also be helpful for you. Here is a list of some of the most important driving rules and regulations that you need to know before driving a car in Cyprus.

best driving destinations in cyprus
Best Car Trip Driving Destinations in Cyprus

Although Cyprus is a small island, it locates some of the most beautiful sceneries and landscapes all over the area of the island. Because Cyprus is small, it is very easy to travel within its cities in small periods of time. Driving a car can be the quickest and most fun way to travel around Cyprus and find the most picturesque locations to explore. Here are some of the best car-trip driving destinations in Cyprus.