Best Car Trip Driving Destinations in Cyprus

best driving destinations in cyprus

Although Cyprus is a small island, it locates some of the most beautiful sceneries and landscapes all over the area of the island. Because Cyprus is small, it is very easy to travel within its cities in small periods of time. Driving a car can be the quickest and most fun way to travel around Cyprus and find the most picturesque locations to explore. Here are some of the best car-trip driving destinations in Cyprus.

A Drive at The Rock of Aphrodite

In mythology, the rock of Aphrodite symbolized the birthplace of the Greek Goddess Aphrodite, and it makes a beautiful destination to dive to with a car. The site is also linked this another myth and legend of a Byzantine hero named Digenis Akritas. Some people call this place “Petra Tou Romiou” which translates to “Rock of the Greek”. Whichever myth you decide to believe, one thing is for sure, it will capture your attention with its beauty. The Rock of Aphrodite is in Paphos, Cyprus, and it is one of the most popular destinations tourists and locals visit every year.

A Visit to Kolossi Medieval Castle

The Kolossi Medieval Castle was originally built in the thirteenth century, and it used to be a secret stopping point for knights during that period.  The Castle is a must location to drive to and explore since it is open for visitation all year long. It is located about fourteen kilometres west of Limassol and its military architecture will capture your attention like no other place.

Explore the Kourion Archaeological Site

Kourion is one of the most ancient attractions Cyprus has as it used to be one of Cyprus’s most important city kingdoms. Kourion is a space that embraces the Greek mythology spirit since it was home to the Greek Mythological Hero Achilles. The kingdom’s existence and life are dated to the fourth century AD. During the seventeenth century, it was mostly destroyed in an earthquake. Now the area is open for visitation and the ancient theatre of Kourion is used to this day for theatre performances during the summer months. Kourion is located about nineteen kilometres west of Limassol and the road travelling towards the city of Paphos.

A Trip to Cape Greco

Cape Greco is a natural forest park. This park is a natural habitat for many species of flowers and trees but also birds and wildlife like foxes, hedgehogs’ lizards, and even butterflies. All species are under protection by the park and hunting is prohibited in all the areas. Not only that, but Cape Greco also has beautiful sea caves for people to explore and viewpoint cliffs of the Mediterranean sea being the star of the show. Cape Greco is located about ten minutes away from Agia Napa and it’s a place of beauty and a natural treasure worth driving at.

A Car Ride at Troodos Villages

Do not forget to visit the beautiful and picturesque villages of Troodos up to the mountain Olympus. The folk architecture and the narrow streets of the villages located in the Troodos area are a must-diving visit. The Troodos Mountain is the largest mounted rage in Cyprus. The forests of Troodos make the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing visit and a quiet walk-in pure nature. Some of the most popular villages to visit are:

  • Pedulas
  • Kakopetria
  • Omodos
  • Kalopanagiotis
  • Platres

Of course, the villages are very close to each other so driving your car around the villages and visiting one each time can be the most relaxing road trip experience you can have in Cyprus. Driving a car can be such an easy way to explore the island of Cyprus and see all those wonderful places that Cyprus has to offer. If you haven’t got your driver’s licence yet, make sure to check out Larnaca Driving School and take your lessons now!