Our Driving School in Larnaca Cyprus

Our aim is not just to help you get your driving license in Larnaca on your first try. We want our students to feel confident about driving on their own and be safe on the road. Through your driving lessons with us, we will teach you how to drive but we will also provide you with safety skills to keep yourself and others on the road safe.

Our car driving lessons can be tailored to your needs. Our Larnaca driving school offers driving lessons for beginners, drivers who want to refresh their driving skills or feel more confident driving on their own, or lessons for people who have an automatic car license and want to change it to a manual one.

The pick-up and drop-off locations are not fixed. You can choose a pick-up or drop-off location that is suitable to you and your schedule. It could be the school, your house, your office, your ballet school or any other location you prefer.

At Larnaca driving school we also help people obtain a motorcycle driving license as well as a bus, truck and large good vehicles license.

Price per Lesson

  • Car: €25
  • Motorbike: €30
  • Truck/Bus: €60
  • Trailer: €70

Learn to Drive
at Your Own Pace

Standard lessons and intensive lessons

How soon you get your driving license in Larnaca is up to you. Larnaca driving school offers lessons according to each student’s needs.

You can choose between standard and intensive courses for both an automatic and a manual car driving license. You can choose which course you prefer according to how quickly you want to learn or have a driving test. Of course, the number of lessons in a manual intensive course is different to the number of lessons in an automatic intensive course.

Our driving school in Larnaca Cyprus offers fixed standard and intensive car driving packages but each learner can choose the frequency of their lessons if they wish. During your first lesson, one of our experienced driving instructors will assess your needs and existing knowledge, and will suggest how frequently you should have a driving lesson as well as how many lessons you will approximately need.

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Why Us


Experienced instructors

Our driving instructors are professional and qualified.


High first time pass rate

Most of our students pass their driving test the first time.

enjoyable learning

Enjoyable learning

We make sure our driving lessons are pleasant for everyone.

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Learner-centered approach

The lessons are adjusted to each learner’s needs.

Automatic Car Lessons

Automatic car driving lessons are in high demand as many young learners prefer automatic to manual cars. In general, learning to drive an automatic car can be easier and faster, since gear changing and clutch are not required.

Larnaca driving school offers automatic car driving lessons to anyone who needs to obtain an automatic car driving license or anyone who wishes to take lessons to boost their confidence on the road.

Our car driving school in Larnaca offers an intensive course of automatic car driving lessons for people who need to learn how to drive and pass their driving test within a short period of time.

automatic car

Manual Car Lessons

Even though automatic cars are more popular and preferable by many people nowadays, there are a lot of people who want to obtain a manual car driving license.

A manual driving license may be of no use if your car is automatic, but there are many benefits to it.

  • A manual car is more economic.
  • Manual cars are cheaper than automatic cars.
  • A manual car driving license is a requirement for many jobs.
  • Many car rental companies have more manual cars available.
  • A holder of a manual car driving license can drive both manual and automatic cars.

Our experienced instructors can guide you through your manual car driving lessons. We offer driving lessons for beginners, students who have some basic manual car knowledge, and automatic car license holders who want to change to a manual car driving license.

manual car

Other vehicles license

Larnaca driving school provides lessons and guidance for obtaining other vehicles license. These include different power motorcycles, buses, trucks and large goods trucks.

The minimum age for each category as well as the required training is different for each vehicle license. Our driving school in Larnaca, Cyprus can assist you in obtaining the license you want.

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Driving Tips from Experienced Instructors in Cyprus

Driving can be a very dangerous activity that needs and requires a lot of focus and skill in order to stay safe on the roads. Although people learn how to drive from family and friends, it is extremely important at some point to have a few lessons and be advised by a professional driving instructor before getting your driving license.  So here you can learn a few driving tips from experienced instructors in Cyprus.

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How old must I be to start driving lessons?

You must be 17.5 years old and a holder of a learner’s license. However, you cannot take a driving test until you are 18 years old.

Can I have car driving lessons if I am already a driving license holder?

Of course. People have driving lessons for their own different reasons and no one can stop you from having lessons if you want to. For example, some people hold a driving license but get lessons to improve their confidence on the road.

Can I drive all vehicles once I get my car driving license in Larnaca?

No, there is a specific license for other vehicles like a bus, a light truck, a large goods trucks or a motor vehicle. Each category license has a different age limit and, of course, a different kind of driving lessons. Our driving school in Larnaca Cyprus offers driving lessons for all vehicle categories.

Can I get driving lessons with Larnaca driving school if I live in Ormideia?

Of course, Larnaca driving school offers lessons for people who live in villages within Larnaca district as well.

I am a beginner driver, how long will it take me to learn to drive?

A qualified driving instructor will assess your needs and skills during your first driving lesson and will be able to tell you approximately how many lessons you will need. Of course, consistency on your end is key.



I started my driving lessons at Larnaca driving school as a beginner. My amazing instructor gave me lifetime tips and skills that I will use on the road for years to come. Plus, I passed my driving test the first time.


I did intensive driving lessons to change my license from automatic to manual. The lessons were enjoyable and my instructor was excellent.


I came to Cyprus for work 2 years ago and getting a car to drive around always scared me since in Italy I was used to driving on the right side of the road. I took some driving lessons in Larnaca to gain more confidence and learn how to drive on the opposite side. My driving instructor was very professional and helpful throughout my training.


I had always been afraid of driving and I started driving lessons at 30 years old as a new year’s resolution. Being a beginner and very scared the approach of my instructor helped me so much. They were very patient with me and encouraged me to not give up. Now, I have my driving license and I roam the streets with confidence.